Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

Her Children Rise Up, and Call Their Mother BLESSED 

Her Children arise up, and call her BLESSED; her husband also, And He PRAISED HER.   Proverbs 31: 28 

In honor of Mothers Day, I will share three important things a mother should instill in her children as she teaches them, both by precept and example.  If a mother would teach her children these three things, Her Children Will Rise Up And Call Her Blessed

Some of you may remember your mother tucking you in the bed and kissing you good night.  Some may remember the good meals she prepared.  Others may remember how your mother knelt down by your bed side and took care of you when you were sick. 

The greatest thing that someone can remember about his or her mother may not be her homemaking skills or her professional or social achievements – but her faith in God.  The first and most important thing a mother can do to be a successful mother is make sure that her children accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and they must have faith in God instill in them. 

Some people think that if they make money and succeed in business, they will be happy.  But money has no power to give you real peace of heart, peace of mind, or lasting happiness. 

Of course, a mother should encourage her children to succeed in every realm of life, but she should not make natural success the ultimate goal.  What will give her children true and lasting happiness and fulfillment is her child following the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The second thing mothers should teach their children is to have faith in the Bible – God’s Holy Written Word.  The Bible should not just be another book laying on the coffee table or the night stand.  Instead of the Bible being a book, let it be the Book.  And children should learn to turn to God’s Word when they face any problem in life.  If children are taught to go to the Bible for answers when they are young, they will keep on going to it when they are old.  Proverbs 22: 6 spells it out very clear. 

The third thing mothers should teach their children is how to pray.  If you’re a mother, I encourage you to pray with your children and teach them the value of prayer so that no matter what happens in their life, they will know how to pray successfully and receive answers from God. 

When it comes to teaching our children how to brush their teeth, wash their ears and neck, when to bathe, set the table, hang up their clothes, clean their room and so forth, mothers teach them by instruction and example. 

If your Children Rise Up and Call You BLESSED, it will be because you set the right example in front of them.  It will be because you had faith in God, and you taught that faith to your children, because you taught them to read and believe God’s Word, and because you taught them how to pray. 

A Mother who knows the Word of God will have faith in the promises of God concerning her children.  She will lead, guide, and train them. And then later, even when walking the streets in Heaven, she will be more than a memory to her children.  She will be a living presence in their hearts, And They Will Continue To Rise Up And Call Her BLESSED.     Your Pastor  




Word for Today:  "He Prayed for Them"

There is a remarkable passage of Scripture in the seventeenth Chapter of the Gospel of John in which Jesus vividly demonstrates one of the most powerful leadership secrets.  He prayed for His followers.  Whether you are the leader of a ministry, a parent, or a supervisor there is one thing that you can do that will greatly impact your organization in a positive way, that is “Pray for Them.”  It will change everything for the better.