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Love Never Fails Part 5

Have you ever wondered how to break free of your frustration in relationships and your struggle with faith, answered prayer and your walk with God?  He is your answer.  God is love, and He never fails.  And when you walk in His love, you will never fail! 



Praise the Lord precious saints of the Living God.  I thank my God we can spend another day in His Holy written precious Word.  Here is part five to this timely subject I started four weeks ago, and we’ve had a great time studying this subject together.  Today we will continue in the Word of God. 

This is the year of the Supernatural Increase   and everyone is excited about this great prophecy, and rightfully so.  However, there are several key areas of our lives that will contribute to us experiencing the manifestation of the  Increase  this year.  One of those areas are we must walk in love.   Because you see, “Love Never Fails!” 

Now, let’s go ahead and pick up from where we left off last time.  In First Corinthians 13:4: it says, “Love endures long and is patient and kind.”  Now some people endure long but they’re not patient and kind while they’re enduring!  They endure long just because they have to, but they let everyone know how much they’re enduring! 

For example, sometimes a husband suffers and puts up with things because of this wife, but he’s not too kind while he does it.  Or sometimes a wife has to suffer and put up with some things about her husband, but she lets him know she is suffering.  However, the God-kind of love endures long, and is patient and kind while it endures.  And it doesn’t eaken, fade out, or come to an end.  It Never Fails. 

Verse 7 says: “Love bears up under anything and everything that comes.”  You hear some people say, “I just can’t love her anymore.”  Love can.  God’s love can bear up under everything without weakening or coming to an end. 

And since the love of God is in you if you are a Christian, you can bear up under everything that comes.  Maybe you’ve said, “I just can’t take this any longer.”  Or, “I can’t put up with so and so any longer.”  But God’s love that is working in you can! 

 I want you to hear this.  Think about how God is putting up with all of us!  I’ve pastored for a number of years, and I know that sometimes it can be difficult to put up with some folks.  For example, sometimes at night, I would get to thinking about how God puts up with us, and I would start laughing about it.  I would say to the Lord, “Lord, I am impatient with some folks and here you are putting up with all of us.

 Well, God wouldn’t ask us to do something He couldn’t do.  If He told us to love one another, then we can do it.  Why?  Because God is love, and we are partakers of His love which has been shed abroad in our hearts. 

 In fact, the most important characteristic of God is that He is Love.  Love is God’s nature.  And when we were born again, His love was imparted into our hearts by the Holy Ghost. 

O My, I am out of time again.  I have a few more remarks to make about this important subject.  I will share those nuggets next week in my conclusion.  


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Word for Today:"Stretching" 

People and rubber bands have one thing in common.  They must be stretched to be effectiveOne of the Biblical keys that bring increase is this:  People will rise to greater heights than they believe they can, if you expect it of them.  The Bible has a lot to say about God’s people reaching forth, and pressing forward.  It’s amazing how with a little stretching of our faith brings us into a place of excellence and victory.