Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

Reverencing the Presence of God in Our Midst Part 2

God wants to manifest His glory in a greater measure than the Church has ever known before.

But we have a responsibility to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and create the type of

atmosphere in which God can move.


In the book of HEBREWS 12:28, the apostle Paul says:

28 Wherefore we receiving a Kingdom which cannot be moved, lets us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably WITH REVERENCE and godly fear: 

We must Reverence our God and His Presence!

 Praise the Lord everybody, this is a wonderful day to get into the Word of God and share this important subject that many people know very little about.  Last week we discussed what Reverencing the Presence of God is all about.  I explained that we have the ability to create the atmosphere that will allow the Holy Spirit to move freely in our midst. 

Then I closed part one of this lesson with an example of how the Presence of God can be hindered by the congregation not knowing when we should clap our hands and when to refrain from clapping our hands. 

In my early Pentecostal experience, believers had a reverence for God that we don’t seem to have today.  People used to Reverence the Holy Ghost when He was moving in a service. 

For instance, if there was a prophecy or a message in tongues and interpretation, folks would be quiet and listen.  Then, if they did anything in response, they would begin to service when tongues and the interpretation comes forth, and folks automatically start clapping right in the middle of it – causing everyone to miss half of what is being said. 

Now some people would say, “Well, the Scriptures tell us to clap our hands and shout for joy.”  Let’s look at that for a minute.  The word “clap” appears in some form several times in the Bible.  But the only time clapping is mentioned in reference to people is in Psalm 47:1.  And if you read that verse in context, you’ll notice the Psalmist is speaking in connection to singing (verse 6). 

PSALM 47: 1, 6


PEOPLE; shout unto God with the voice

of triumph…

6 Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises. 

So of course it’s all right to clap, such as when you’re are singing.  Another example would be if someone is introducing a guest speaker and said “Let’s give So-and-so a good welcome.”  Well, certainly it would be alright to honor a person by clapping.  But again, there is a difference between honoring people and honoring God. 

You’ll notice after a church choir sings or someone ministers in special music, everyone will usually clap.  But clapping is applause – it just honors the singer or musician.  So what we ought to be really doing instead, is thanking God for ministering to us through the music. By clapping?  No, through praise, because the world claps, but the Saints praise. I will close with this scripture and ask you to meditate on

Hebrews 13:15.                       


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