Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

The Hour of No Impossibility Part 3




Jesus said it.  And with our heads, we believe it’s true.  If we’re honest, however, we have to admit that for most of us the impossible all too often remains … the impossible.


But, my dear Brothers and Sisters, hold on to your seats because that is about to change.


Now, let’s go ahead and step into the land of no impossibilities.




Last week I defined exactly what “impossibility” is.  I used the Scripture from Luke Chapter one and verses 35 and 37, “… For with God nothing shall be impossible.” 

Then I share how God places things on the inside of us that are totally impossible in the natural realm, things that can only be brought forth by the power of God. 

I went on the share how God put spiritual dreams and desires within me.  They were just little seeds for years. But eventually, I got born again because those seeds God dropped in my heart when I was young kept drawing me to Him. 

What seeds has God dropped inside of you?  What seemingly impossible dreams and visions has He planted there?  You may not even be aware of them right now, but they are there.  

If you’ll think back, you’ll probably remember the time when God gave you those dreams.  You may have been sitting in church or just walking along fellowshipping with God one day when Suddenly, you saw yourself doing something for God.  It may have exploded within you with such spiritual force that you thought that vision was going to become a reality right now. 

But then nothing happened.  And day by day, that dream seed was buried in the dirt and soil of daily living.  Maybe your life took a completely different direction.  Maybe you started pursuing your own plans and purposes until that seed was so completely covered that you forgot about it. 

Perhaps when you do think about it, you just shake your head and say.  “How did I think that was ever going to happen?  It would be impossible.” 

Praise God, “This is the Hour of Impossibilities!”  It’s time for you to dig that seed up, brush it off, and start praying about it.  It’s time for you to put some faith behind it so he can bring it to pass. 

I’m telling you, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is about to bring forth those impossible dreams.  The conditions are right for those seeds to sprout up.  We’re getting ready to bring forth a “Big Crop For God!” 

Natural seeds can lie in the ground for hundreds of years yet when the conditions are right, they’ll grow.  The same thing is true for spiritual seeds and that is about to be proven during this time of the latter rain.  Impossible dreams and visions and callings of God that have been buried for years in people’s hearts are going to come to life and bring glory to God today.


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Word for Today: "Good Judgement"

In the Book of Proverbs 3:21,22 (NIV), King Solomon writes: "My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight; they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck." As we look at the greatest and best leaders you will find the trait of "Good Judgment!" I would like to encourage you today to let the trait of the Bible improve your judgment.