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& Carolyn Prescod

Understand the Importance of Confession Part 7

Confession is an important part of Christianity, but it is often misunderstood.  It’s time to learn the positive side of confession and how to base your confession on the solid foundation of the Word of God. 

Welcome to Part VII of this very, very important lesson on “Understanding the Importance of Confession.” 

Today we will have a closer look on this very interesting subject.  Once you get the revelation of confession you will use it as a part of your daily devotion. 

What is confession?  It is three things: affirming, testifying, and witnessing.  Confession is affirming something that you believe, testifying of something that you know, and witnessing for a truth that you have embraced. 

After studying Romans 10:9, you can readily see that confession holds an important place in Christianity.  One becomes a Christian by confession – by affirming what he believes, testifying of what he knows, and witnessing for a truth that he’s embraced. 

We also live in victory by affirming what we believe, testifying of what we know, and witnessing for a truth that we’ve embraced.  For example, I affirm First John 4:4, which says, “Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world,” because I believe it’s true.  I testify of it, because I know it’s true.  In other words, I’m acquainted with the Greater One.  I’m acquainted with the fact that He’s in me.  I know when He came in – September 18, 1971; that was the date I was born again and became a new creature in Christ Jesus. I’m also witnessing for the truth that I’ve embraced, which says, “Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world.” 

As Christians, we’re constantly affirming something, testifying of something, and witnessing for something.  We need to understand from the Word what is it that we are to affirm, confess, and witness for.  Our affirmations, our testifying, and our witnessing should be based on five truths. 

The first truth is, What Christ did for us in the great plan of redemption.  The great plan includes Jesus’ death on the Cross, His resurrection from the dead, and the New Birth and baptism in the Holy Ghost. 

The second truth is, What we are to God in Christ Jesus.  

The third truth is, What God’s Word and the Holy Spirit have done within us and through the New Birth and baptism in the Holy Ghost. 

The fourth truth is, What Jesus is doing for us right now.  Christians need to realize that there is a present – day ministry of Jesus Christ.  What Jesus did for us in dying on the Cross and being raised from the dead would be of no avail if it weren’t for what He’s doing for us right now.  We have to have the whole plan for it to work.  We can’t separate part of it and say, “Well, that’s all there is to it.”  Thank God for the Cross.  But His plan didn’t end there.  I must stop at this point but, I will conclude this series next Sunday, until then I exhort you to live in the Fullness of the Blessing.                          

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Word for Today:  "Mark of a True Winner"

In six different places, the New Testament compares life to a race that must be won.  In other places it compares it to a boxing or wrestling match.  The message of the Bible is clear, life is like an athletic event, in that you will either win or lose depending on your training and determination to win.  You have very little hope of winning without God’s training manual in your life.  So, do what you can to learn what the Bible has to say about winning God’s way.